Circuit / District Managers

There is a growing community of educators and education officials that are leveraging the power of data to improve learner outcomes. The DDD Dashboard can assist Circuit and District Management in supporting and developing their departments through the use of the data.

Please see below the data and reports that are available on the DDD Dashboard to assist with your circuit or district management activities.

  • Data would be needed by Circuit / District Management for the following items:
    • 1. Manage info system : Verifying 10 day head count
    • 2. Projecting matric results to send to District Director
    • 3. Annual Survey
    • 4. Identifying students in need of extra support before it’s too late
    • 5. Content for Circuit Meetings
    • 6. Educator and learner attendance when absent for more than 5 days
    • 7. Monitoring; interventions; support and feedback i.e. monitoring and evaluation

  • The DDD Dashboard has the following reports or data sets
    • 1. Annual Survey
    • 2. Interventions report
    • 3. For example: Pregnancy Prevalence report
    • 4. Education and Learner attendance report
    • 5. Questionnaires answered by teachers

Unlocking the value of DDD for the Circuit / District Management :

Data Operations Playbook

This information is not based on the latest reporting requirements from Head Office but can be edited as needed when the final dates and requirements are shared.

SIP School Visit Checklist
This is the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
SIP as Project Management
SIP Quality Review
Circuit Management Planning Tool
Learner Intervention Planning Summary Report


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