The DDD Dashboard can assist principals, administrators and educators to support educators or learners, transforming learner outcomes. Thanks to a coordinated effort between the Department of Basic Education and school districts, educators in South Africa have detailed learner performance information at their fingertips via the DDD Dashboard. The information can be used to identify problem areas and intervene accordingly.

Please see below the data and reports that are available on the DDD Dashboard to assist with your school management activities.

  • Data would be needed by SMT for the following items:
    • 1. Identifying students in need of extra support
    • 2. Learner information submission every term
    • 3. Organise all activities that support teaching and learning (curriculum management).
    • 4. Day-to-day administration and organisation of teaching and learning at the school (Promotion rates).
    • 5. Manage personnel matters (educator attendance).
    • 6. Develop a code of conduct for learners (Learner attendance).

  • The DDD Dashboard has the following reports or data sets that can help the SMT:
    • 1. Interventions report
    • 2. Learner Chart
    • 3. Principals Dashboard report; Educator and Learner attendance
    • 4. Subject Performance Report
    • 5. Learner Chart Report

SMT Data Operations Playbook

Please note that this information is not based on the latest reporting requirements from Head Office but can be edited as needed when the final dates and requirements are shared.

This is the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
SIP as Project Management
Guide to Understanding Your Grade Pass Rate
Learner Chart Report Tip
Learner Intervention Planning Report


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