The DDD Programme offers a variety of training from foundation training to role specific and advanced data-driven planning and implementation. Your DDD Provincial Training Team is able to provide the training you need to utilise the Dashboard. Please contact your provincial EMIS Office to schedule training on the below courses:


An intermediate program with customised versions for either Curriculum Officials or for Circuit Managers during which subjects and schools are profiled for data driven subject and school management.

Foundation Dashboard

An induction into the DDD Dashboard, providing the background information on the DDD Dashboard and were the data comes from, navigational pointers and role specific application of the data to problem solve common problems.

Integrated Planning for DMT

An intermediate program for combined DMT groups to result in data silos being overcome and collaborative data usage to result in wholistic school management. 


A foundational course providing skills and best practice in the effective use of the Valistractor to result in the best quality data extract possible. 


An intermediate program which grounds the use of data in the requirements set out by circulars on attendance, school improvement plans and academic performance improvement plans.

Role Based

A practical introduction into the application of data in school and curriculum management.

Request Training

Please contact your provincial EMIS Office to register for training.


If you have attended a DDD Dashboard training session, please provide your feedback using the link below. Your feedback is extremely valuable so that we can continue to make improvements and offer our users the best experience of the DDD Dashboard.