Educator Attendance



To identify the reasons for educator’s absenteeism and to show the impact of educator’s attendance/absenteeism.

What is the impact of educator’s attendance

Educator attendance is one critical contributor to performance of learners as it indicates the amount of time spent in the classroom by the educator. The performance of learners is partly dependent on educators completing the syllabus and for that to happen educators need to be in class teaching.


South African Schools Act, 1996 (No.84 of 1996), Chapter 2 (3)

1.A learner is deemed to be absent from school when the learner is not present in class or not participating in a school activity when the register is marked.

2.If a learner is absent from school for 10 consecutive days, the principal must make reasonable attempts to ascertain from the learner’s parents whether the learner has been withdrawn from the school. If the learner has been withdrawn, or if no valid reason for absence is given, or if the principal is unable to make contact with the parent or the learner, the principal must cancel the learners record in the class register on the grounds of “continuous absence”.


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DDD Dashboard report to be used:

  • DDD Dashboard, Monthly Attendance report (district)
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Educator Attendance

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