Overaged Learners



To have a clear breakdown of learners who are over age in the district.

What is the impact of learners over age?

The department funds learners who are between the ages of six and 18. All learners above this age are funded by the other learners who are still within the mentioned ages. A high number of learners who are over age presents budget constraints to a school in terms of providing resources.


The reference is AGE REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION TO AN ORDINARY PUBLIC SCHOOL, G.N. 1356 of 2001 published in Government Gazette No. 22928 dated 11 December 2001, derived from section 3(4)(i) of the National Education Policy Act, 1996 (No. 27 of 1996) and section 5(4) of the South African Schools Act, 1996 (No.84 of 1996).

The statistical age norm per grade is the grade number plus 6.

Grade 1 + 6 = age 7
Grade 9 + 6 = age 15
Grade 12 + 6 = age 18

Also note a reference in Notice No. 2432 of 1998, GG 19377, where Section 29 states: A learner who is 16 years of ages or older and who has never attended school and who is seeking admission for the first time or did not make sufficient progress with his or her peer group, must be advised to enrol at an Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Centre.


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