Progressed Learners



To have a clear understanding of the learners who were progressed.

What is the impact of progressed learners?

Progressed learners impact the promotion rate of a grade and this could be mitigated by giving them the right support.


National policy pertaining to the programme and promotion requirements of the national curriculum statement grade R-12

Progression from grade to grade through this phase within the appropriate age cohort should be the accepted norm, unless the learner displays a lack of competence to cope with the following grade’s work. A learner, who is not ready to perform at the next level, should be assessed to determine the level of support required.

A learner may only be retained once in the Intermediate Phase in order to prevent the learner being retained in this phase for longer than four years.

A learner who is not ready to perform at the expected level and who has been retained in the first phase for four (4) years or more and who is likely to be retained again in the second phase for four (4) years or more, should receive the necessary support in order to progress to the next grade.

Admission policy for public ordinary schools on repetition of grade

A learner who has repeated one or more years at school in terms of this policy is exempt from the age grade norm, except that, if a learner is three years older than the norm age per grade, the Head of Department must determine whether the learner will be admitted to that grade.

In principle, learners should progress with their age cohort. Repetition of grades seldom results in significant increases in learning attainment and frequently has the opposite result. The norm for repetition is one year per school phase where necessary. Multiple repetition in one grade is not permissible.

The norm is not to be construed as promoting the practice of automatic promotion. A learner’s needs must be attended to through the efforts of the learner, and his or her educators, with support from the learner’s family and peers.


Support resources

DDD Dashboard report to be used: Learner Chart Report; Promotion Statistics Report

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