Subjects At Risk

Each province will have different criteria for deeming a subject to be at risk. Below are tables and the user would need to apply the criteria set by the province. The tables begin with detailed analysis per phase and are followed by a consolidated table for broader or trend analysis.



To determine which subjects need immediate support.

What is the impact of subjects at risk

Knowing which subjects are at risk provides vital information for subject advisors and circuit managers to determine which subjects need support.


South African Schools Act, 1996 (No.84 of 1996), Chapter 2 (3)

1.A learner is deemed to be absent from school when the learner is not present in class or not participating in a school activity when the register is marked.

2.If a learner is absent from school for 10 consecutive days, the principal must make reasonable attempts to ascertain from the learner’s parents whether the learner has been withdrawn from the school. If the learner has been withdrawn, or if no valid reason for absence is given, or if the principal is unable to make contact with the parent or the learner, the principal must cancel the learners record in the class register on the grounds of “continuous absence”.


Support resources

DDD Dashboard report to be used:

  • DDD Dashboard, Monthly Attendance report (district)
  • DDD Admin console (circuit)

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